Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm still here!

It's been a little while since I have made a blog on here and so I thought that I would make one for you guys because I don't want you all to think that I have forgotten about you.

So what's been happening that has had me so busy that I can't get out a blog post and my regular videos? Well I have been in an transitional phase here in Okinawa recently. I had a few new job opportunities lined up which had me going to a lot of meetings and doing a lot of things which were time consuming and to be completely honest sucked the life right out of me. There were times when I looked at the computer screen and thought to myself. . . . . . do you really want to sit down and type a blog? but could not muster up the strength. So I went through the process of doing all of this and one of the biggest opportunities that I had fell through. Now in the interest of professionalism I will not go into detail about any of this but long story short it was a big shot and sent me back to the drawing board. Ultimately this meant that some other things that I was doing then had to be put into overdrive. This is where most of my time went. That being said I spent so much time doing that and didnt have any time to sit down and do things like make a blog.

This in no way should be an excuse but it happened to be what was going on and I was able to continue to make videos online but the blog took a back seat. This is understandable though because truthfully the youtube channel is my "thing" and the blog is a second thing but again I should continue them all. So that's basically everything that caused me to not be here for a little while and I know that this is surely less than an interesting story but I figured that I would let you know nonetheless. Now I'm off to find topics for today's videos and blog posts! YAY