Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Spring in Gushikawa


One of my favorite things about Okinawa is that there seems to be something interesting around every corner. This became evident yet again yesterday as I was driving down route 8 heading home. I happened to see something out of the corner of my eye and immediately thought "you've got to turn around and see what that is". Of course it could have been absolutely nothing but it happened to be something pretty interesting.


Camera in hand I pulled over to the side of the road put on the hazards and ran down a set of old style stairs to find a beautiful little spring. Now, admittedly at first glance this didn't look like much but once you got down in there and took a look around it seemed very interesting in deed. The first most mentionable part is that the water was coming out of the rocks and has clearly been flowing for a while as it has made paths in the stone. Between the sound of cars going by you could also hear the lovely sound of the water trickle.


Places like this are always interesting to me especially when they are tucked away in hidden places that you may have driven by day after day and never noticed. I feel like I often say that I have driven past a place many times and never seen something but it's 100% true. I wonder how many people pass this place and never stop to see it or even notice that it is there at all. Of course to be completely honest this is not a huge tourist attraction or anything. I was there for a total of about 3 minutes but all that being said the reason that I love sharing these things with you because I feel as though on your way to here or there you can see so many interesting things.


Check out the video here! 

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