Saturday, December 1, 2012

Waymarkings and Why I Say . . . . Ehh

A friend of mine MULLY suggested to me that I check out waymarkings which is something that in a way is affiliated with geocaching but very loosely. Anyway so I decided to check out the site because MULLY has always had a great number of good ideas that he has passed down our way and I figured that I would share those thoughts with you. (Also I wanted to note that here in my actual blog I am not including this in my geocaching page but I will post it over on the geocaching thread at the JVLOG forum for the sake of continuity and relevance.)

First of all before I get going with waymarkings I want to thank MULLY for a great suggestion, if I lived anywhere other than Okinawa. I checked out the site for almost everywhere else in the world and it seemed pretty awesome although for here in Okinawa it was nothing special. . . . . like at all. When I checked out the site I found that most of the places to be marked were McDonalds or Starbucks. A TON of the locations were on base and there were only 44 on the entire island. 44!! At first I was a little discouraged but knowing that this could be something cool from what I saw all over the place in other parts of the world I figured why not take some time to make a few marks of my own in places actually worth going to. So yesterday I had some time and I figured I would put in a few markers which I thought were exceptionally cool and so that's what I did.

A few hours went by and I found out that about 4 out of the 5 markers that I put in were rejected. I couldn't figure out why they would be rejected but luckily the great team over at waymarkings let me know. Apparently there were some things that I had put on there which they simply didn't feel fit into any of their preexisting categories and therefore could not be included into the site. One of them was a pine tree which is located on a coral cliff that looks out on the ocean, very rare for Okinawa, but not rare enough for the people over at waymarkings. I was told "when you find a tree that is actually out of the ordinary let us know". What?! Almost 7 years on this island and this IS out of the ordinary!

Anyway the point of what I am getting at here is that I think that this is a great site if you have a lot of other people doing it in your area and I also think that it could be very cool if the people were not so picky about the categories and therefore you could get more on the site other than just stuff that everyone could have found anyway but that is just my opinion.

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