Monday, November 26, 2012

Discontinuation of Weekly Current Events Videos

With the winter coming I have decided to discontinue the weekly current events video. There are various reasons for this but one of them is because with the weather being much cooler with winter here both myself and Rusty enjoy getting out and doing fun things rather than staying cooped up in the house like we usually are during the summers.

With our adventures getting us up and out of the house it can be strenuous to follow all of the current events stories to ensure that we bring you a video each week. It can also be difficult to bring a variety of stories with many of the things that are going on right now.

The plan is to continue to bring the current events stories to you just rather than bringing a weekly video you will get a video whenever it is relevant or as the news happens. I also think that this will be a better way to get the important news stories out to you as they happen rather than wait until Monday of every week.

At this time we will continue to also do Fan Mail Friday as well as the JVLOG on Wednesday. You can also certainly expect various other videos throughout the week to include vlogs about where I have gone as well as just plane old video of the sites and sounds I experience when I'm out and about.

Thank you so much for your understanding!

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