Sunday, November 25, 2012

Just Like A Horror Movie


Ok, I don't usually do posts like this but this one I simply could not keep to myself. Today one of our little adventures took us to a neighborhood in a northern section of Okinawa. The goal was to find a particular path and climb to the top of the area. We had marked out the route and were able to find the neighborhood easily. It's funny of the hundreds of times we have driven past this area we have never seen the unique (at least to Okinawa) houses in this neighborhood.

It was like stepping back into New England, particularly New Hampshire. The houses had the distinct look with the distinct style of what you might see in various parts of the New England states. We soon found the path that we were looking for and parked along the side of the road in an open area.

Once we got to the top of the wooden stairs which made up the almost too perfect path leading up to benches and clear grassy areas it became clear that this neighborhood reminded me of something I was all too familiar with. A Stephen King novel. Ok I realize that sounds a bit over the top but everything in this neighborhood just seemed too perfect. The houses were perfect. Some of them even had wide open yards which is very strange for Okinawa. Then there was this path which led up to what can only be described as a viewing area over the neighborhood.

From the benches overlooking the neighborhood it was quite. So quiet even that you could clearly hear the music playing from one of the houses or maybe shops. It almost felt like a scene out of a zombie movie where everything is quite and there is no sign of life aside from that radio and what had been left behind.

Of course this could not have been further from the truth. Being that it was a Sunday many people were out and about doing this and that as well as spending time with family and friends but that doesn't make for a good story does it. Either way it was a very interesting little place to stop by and take some photos of. I imagine that it is also a very pleasant place to live.



  1. I have seen the exact same kinds of houses and A frames in other countries outside of the USA and they were always built by foreigners with the money to buy up large amounts of land. Usually Americans or Canadians. What part of northern Okinawa is this? The view of the bay is beautiful. I can still remember villages in the northern part of the island where the houses were built of all wood and had thatched roofs. Not particularly typhoon proof but definitely more Okinawan and charming than these modern day monstrosities.

  2. The neighborhood is located just north of where Kin on the west side of the island looking out over the East China Sea. How long ago has it been since you have been in Okinawa? There are a lot of other villages with traditional style houses, of course some have been reinforced to withstand the weather.

  3. It's been three decades since I lived on Okinawa ( Chatan, Sukiran, Futema, and a little place in Koza which I believe is now Okinawa City). Really enjoying your posts of the current state of the island. The natural world never changes.

  4. New England in Okinawa, I love it !

  5. It's lovely isn't it? It was so strange for me because I grew up in New England and spent many summers as well as holiday breaks in Maine and New Hampshire which looked just like this!