Friday, March 8, 2013

Photo Essay: Kanekadan Jomicha Tomb



Every path on Okinawa leads somewhere. . . . this is one of those paths.





"It is not clear when exactly this tomb was built. This tomb was constructed by carving into the side of the mountain; underneath the bridge are three small gates varying in size.

The tomb is worshipped by the people as it is said to contail the ashes of those who held important posts in the region such as niche and noro (female priest of the Ryukyu Religion)as well as men who lived during the nakanuyu times (generally understood as the time of the Shuri Royal Government rule). In 1963, to honour their spirits, the locals reconstructed the tomb and carved the names of the above-mentioned individuals into the entrance stone on the fifth month of the lunar calendar. They also fitted out the exterior of the tomb and are working diligently to preserve it to this day."




















As this site was visited by Mr OkiNinjaKitty on his way from work I don't have much to say about this location other than what I have seen in the photographs. It looks absolutely amazing and I can not wait to visit back again. It's just another fine example of the fact that Okinawa is full of surprises.

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