Wednesday, March 13, 2013

'Tis the season. . . . . for awkward tan lines!

It's that time of year again! The time of year when you leave the house in the winter state of mind and return home to find that you've got the first awkward sunburn of the season.


This time of year, when spring time is in full swing, can be a tough one. We're starting to move into warmer weather which means we're wearing less and spending more time outdoors. This means that it's time to break out the sunscreen! Of course the thought of adding sunscreen to your day bag in March is strange for a number of people. I admit even though I have been here for almost 7 years I still have a hard time remembering to put some in my bag.

When to wear sunscreen: 

Many reputable doctor type people in white coats will tell you that you should be wearing sunscreen all year long. I am not going to argue that point because I am not a doctor type person nor do I have a white coat. However, knowing that people generally have more things on their mind then wearing sunscreen every time they go outside, there are some tips which I think you might find helpful.

Cherry Blossom or Sakura Season marks the beginning of spring and so it's the perfect time to start thinking about purchasing some sunscreen and getting into the habit of taking it with you on your outdoor adventures. Don't get me wrong it is still quite cold here in Okinawa during this time of year but it's not uncommon to experience some unseasonably warm days so it's the great time to have some sunscreen on hand.

Once it's warm enough for you to wear short sleeves rather than a jacket it's usually a good indication that you should put on some sunscreen. Of course this can be different for everyone but it can be a good way to gauge whether or not sunscreen is necessary for you and your family.

Sunscreen Options: 

If you're here in Okinawa you have two major options for sunscreen. . . The American Stuff or The Japanese Stuff. Of course this is a matter of opinion but I personally prefer The Japanese Stuff. Japanese sun tan lotions and sprays tend to come in a variety of options for protection, sizes to carry with you and scents. One of the many things I prefer about Japanese sun tan lotions is that the scents do not smell like the chemical "tropical" scents that you get from most of the American sun tan lotions. Another thing I absolutely love about Japanese sun tan lotions is that they do not sit on top of the skin like an oily mess. Every lotion I have tried has always absorbed into the skin while also offering the same level of protection of an American brand.

UV Protection Clothes: 

If you're like me and don't always want to lotion up for every trip you make outside why not consider UV Protection Clothes? These clothes are available pretty much everywhere here in Okinawa. They offer special protection against the sun's UV rays while keeping you cool and fashionable. I have a few different shirts and pullovers which offer this type of UV protection and they are perfect for outdoor activities during the spring and summer time. Price wise they are very affordable as well!

Although the spring is in full swing it's not too late to head out to your local department store, or even konbini, and grab yourself a bottle of sunscreen. Heck grab one for the car, one for the purse and one for the house. Chances are you're going to need it before the winter rolls around again!



  1. That is a great photo! And the spot of red at the neckline - mine is permanent after many years of living in Florida combined with here. Never tried the Jpn sunscreen tho - I'll give it a try!

  2. funny. i'm sporting one that looks oddly similar to yours. -.-