Monday, February 25, 2013

Castle Week Begins: A quick note before we start.

It's the last week in February and that means that it's time for another week long of videos on the OkiNinjaKitty Channel. This week is "Castle Week" where I will feature some of the castles around Okinawa.

Generally on a whatever Week I feature 6 or 7 different locations, however this week I will only feature about 3 or 4. The reason for this is because I unfortunately injured my knee during the filming of some of these videos. Although I am fine and recovered now I was unable to film all 6 or 7 of the castles that I had anticipated I would be showing you. With that being said I will be featuring a few of the castles that I filmed and adding a few videos at the end of the week of other things which have not been featured yet.

I want to thank you for your understanding and I will do my best to ensure that I can get more videos out as often as possible. Thank you again for your understanding and I hope to see you in the comments!

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  1. i have tried through three different adds and still have not seen your beautiful castles video. sorry about your knee. i was born bc before computer and have proably missed something i was supposed to do.

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