Saturday, February 16, 2013

Healthy Options: Double Decker

Date night can be tough when you're watching what you eat. Luckily there are a lot of healthy options out there for those who are looking for them. Last time we took you to the Churaumi Aquarium where we talked about some options you can enjoy on your day out and about but what about when you want some quality time with the special someone?



You might miss Double Decker if you don't know where to look. It's a small door at the end of a trail of paw prints in Mihama's American Village. It's nestled behind the Sega Arcade so look closely or you might miss it.

Double Decker offers a pretty good menu from both the kitchen and the bar and pricing is reasonable. However, seeing as how this is a healthy options blog post I really want to highlight the salads. There are a lot of places out there which offer salads but there aren't many places out there where I would go specifically for the salads. Double Decker is one of those places I go for the salads.



There are about 4 or 5 salad options available at Double Decker. Above is the Toast and Camembert Cheese Salad but other options included a Caesar Salad. The salad is comprised of a variety of greens which have always been fresh tossed in what can only be described as a home made dressing. The dressing is not too strong but not too light and perfectly compliments the other elements of the salad. This particular salad also included slices of camembert cheese and toast.

Pricing is not bad as far as eating out goes. One salad was about ¥700 yen which yes is on the pricy side compared to what you could get at a Subway or make at home but then again you're out to dinner enjoying yourself. Not to mention it's delicious.

Double Decker is one of my favorite restaurants and with good reason. It's tucked away, quiet, affordable and delicious. It's also a pub which means it's a great place for a date night. (Sorry kids.) The ambiance is great also but more about that in the Double Decker post.

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