Saturday, July 28, 2012

OkiNinjaKitty Update

The weekend is upon us and because of the lack of videos talking about current events with the OkiNinjaKitty channel I thought that I would take a moment and write a little blog post to talk about the current state of the channel and what to expect in the near future. As  most of you who follow the channel know there are a lot of videos up there now focusing on Tokyo Disney Resort. This has been nice and interesting but is coming to an end because the video supply is running dry. With this being said next week is most likely going to be the last week of Tokyo Disney Resort related videos. I have about 2 left from the actual trip and then I will be talking about foods in another video and then back to regularly scheduled programming.

I apologize to those of you who have been watching the channel and wanting some time for videos about Okinawa again. I have a great deal of videos in the works in the next could of weeks once the Tokyo Disney Resort videos have been finished.

There has still been a lot of contemplation with the Current Events blog too. I have been trying to compile a lot of stories for my next current events blog but I am finding that many of them are focused on the same things making it difficult for me to find a great deal of interesting stories but rather just different takes on one or two. The fan mail friday has been getting a lot of things to talk about so we will be having one of those either next week or the week after and if you have questions or comments please ensure that you get them in so that I can read them (as always). Especially if you have any questions or comments about the Tokyo Disney Resort because I would like to make sure that I get those videos all together.

Another thing that I would like to do is refer all of you to a new potential website. This site is actually the JVLOG FORUM. This is a new forum for all JVLOGGERS and all others who feel that they want to be involved or talk about or to JVLOGGERS about Japan. This is also a great place to see all the information in one place. For example on there you can find an OkiNinjaKitty section where I post all of my videos about certain topics in one thread for your easy viewing pleasure.  It is important to remember that this is still in the beginning stages by those who are working on it but they are doing a great job so please be patient and understand that it may takes some time to get it fully operational. In the mean time come on over and have some fun!

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