Sunday, August 19, 2012

Raining Beach Day

Living on an island you would think that going to the beach is something I would do regularly but this is a common misconception about Okinawa. In fact it so happens that Okinawa's beaches are "far and few" compared to what you would expect. Much of the island has concrete areas to act as breakers in the event of in climate weather however there are some ares where you can lay out in the sand and enjoy the ocean (or sea depending on where you are on the island). Couple this fact with the fact that there are hazards in the water which you need to be protected from like box jelly fish and the fact that there is this huge influx of people who go to some particular beaches it means that traveling to the beach is something that needs to be orchestrated and planed rather than just going (at least for us). We like to prepare ourselves for the beach by packing some foods which are helpful in saving some cash while we are out and about. We also like packing cold drinks and water because it can be extremely hot in the summer time here on this island and although the beach has the water to help you cool off it doesn't often do the job to it's fullest and the result is requiring a great deal of hydration throughout your entire beach visit. 


Now back to the title of this post. Today I found myself prepared for the beach everything was ready to go and I was quite excited. After all I did get myself a bathing suit and a swim shirt which was a pain in the ass to find to be honest but that is another blog post for later. Anyway so I wake up this morning ready to go and excited for the trip and . . . . . it's raining. Of course this is saddening for me because I was excited to go to the beach but it's ok. 


Fortunately it is still early and there is a possibility that it will get nice enough out for me to go and do some beach going today. It depends on what it looks like here in the next hour or so. Well I will let you know what is going on as the day progresses. . . . . . . . . in the event that you are wondering. 


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