Saturday, August 25, 2012



It is Saturday Morning and the weather conditions here in Okinawa continue to remain stable regardless of Typhoon Bolaven which continues to progress towards Okinawa as a Cat 4. Again as I have been mentioning in other posts and in my videos this is the time to ensure that you have everything completed in order to make you, your family and your assets have the best chance of getting though this storm with the least stress and damage possible.


With the winds potentially starting to affect Okinawa within the next 12 hours ensuring that everything as far as preparation goes is taken care of this morning is vital. Some helpful information is ensure that you have enough food for the weekend plus about 4 days, ensure that you have all objects which might be loose in your yard or on your property stowed away or tied down, ensure that you are inside during the typhoon weather. 

I will continue to post updates throughout the day and weekend as well ad broadcast video of the storm whenever possible.

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  1. Thank you so much for keeping me updated on the typhoon Bolaven. I have family in Onnason and I appreciate what you are doing! Be careful and Godspeed.........Brian