Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nakijin-jo [World Heritage Site]


There are many things that Okinawa is known for one of which is it's abundance of castle sites. It is said that Okinawa was the home of over 300 castle sites, however many have been lost to the test of time and war. A great deal of effort has gone into reconstructing and storing some of these castles while others sit in ruins to this day.


One of the castles which has been reconstructed and is now recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site is Nakijin-jo or as it is also known by many Nakijin Castle Site. This large castle sits on the Motobu Peninsula in Northern Okinawa, Japan. The castle itself is immense and takes up much of the tall hill that it stands on. The view from the castle makes it no wonder that the royal people of the Ryukyus would want to live here.


Nakijin-jo offers a great deal besides the castle itself. There is a large clean restroom with western style toilets as well as food stands and shops with various goods. Inside the castle itself there are various placards with information about each area with information in Japanese as well as English. If you intend on reading about the castle ruin one you've returned home or sharing the information with your family and friends you can also take English guide maps home with you.


The site is a beautiful one any time of the year but during spring visiting the castle is a special treat. Cherry blossoms bloom on the site offering a beautiful walk to the castle. During certain days of the celebration you can also see traditional dances and other celebrations. Whether you are making the trip during the spring or any other time of the year you will find yourself enjoying the Nakijin-jo.

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