Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stained Glass Bridge - Kitamae Okinawa, Japan


Finding interesting things here on Okinawa doesn't always have to involve driving down an overgrown dirt road. In many cases the most beautiful things are right under your nose. One of these places is located in Kitamae which is right outside Camp Foster.

If you decide to take the back roads rather than Route 58 you will find yourself on a road that runs through some shops and apartment complexes. Along this road is a small bridge. In fact you may not even realize that it is a bridge at all if you aren't paying attention. On either side of the small bridge is a structure. On the top of each structure is half of a dome featuring an ocean front scene as you might imagine it here in Okinawa.


On a gloomy day this might not seem like much to look at but when the sun is shining and the sky is blue it is a sight to be seen

Although this bridge is beautiful and something I recommend checking out it's important to consider that this in not an attraction and therefore there is no parking. Your best bet for visiting this attraction is parking at the beach and making the short walk over.

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