Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tomorrow is Fan Mail Friday

Tomorrow is Fan Mail Friday and to be honest I am quite excited for this week's video. The questions that have been asked are actually very interesting and have been well thought out by those who are sending them in. In the true fashion of OkiNinjaKitty I will be answering all of the questions that I received in one video tomorrow so if you happen to be reading this and thinking to yourself that you would like to have your question answered please ensure that you make a comment here or at one of the many other places where you can contact me within the next 12 to 16 hours.

So what else has been going on over here? The weather has been much hotter than it has ben at any point so far in the year. I think that the storm passing us by has caused the weather to be slightly cooler than we normally have but now that all is clear the humidity has moved in and we are starting to experience weather in Okinawa that is representative of the tropical island that we are. Actually today we even had a rain storm which lasted for only about 5 minutes and caused it to get so incredibly thick and humid that both Russ and myself came into the bedroom in which I am sitting right now with the AC on. Overall this type of weather will only last for a short while although it will feel as though it lasts forever due to the heat. WE are already almost in July and we just need to make it to September before we can start to have cooler weather again.

This is about all there is to report today. Thanks for reading everyone!

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